Make Your Own Morandi for Fun


© Giorgio Morandi

My mom first introduced me to the work of reclusive Italian artist Giorgio Morandi, who I now adore. His diminutive still lives defy the grand scale that has become the norm today in art making, and his choice of subject matter presupposes Laura Letinsky in beautifying the mundane. DCist is partnering with the Phillips Collection for Make Your Own Morandi, a contest that asks photographers to create their own images in the style of Italian painter Giorgio Morandi. At first I thought this is a total time waster, but I do have a number of diminutive objects around my house that I adore, and I would love a year long membership to the Phillips – so must likely I will put something together for fun and the creative exercise. (IF I have time –  I am not forgetting my big IOU Sven and Julia!) Here’s the skinny from the DCist:

Morandi was one of the most famous Italian artists of the early 20th century, beginning his career with inspiration from Post-Impressionist painters like Cézanne. As his work developed, his still life scenes embraced minimalism, using single lines and hue shifts to create shape and depth, rather than the highly detailed color and light techniques commonly associated with the genre. Morandi often used cans and bottles with no labels, or objects with vague purpose, in order to put the focus on the movement of the scene instead of the objects themselves. So your mission is to recreate this style using items found around your house, like the one seen above (except better).

You have until May 1 to get your creative juices flowing. Join The Phillips Collection Flickr group here, where you can upload your three best images. Your work will be judged by Douglas Burton of Apartment Zero, Susan Yanero of the Washington Studio School, and the DCist. After we choose the three best photos, readers will pick the winner, who will get some very nice prizes: a feature post on DCist, a Morandi exhibition catalogue, and a gift valued at $100 from Apartment Zero. All three finalists get a year-long membership to the Phillips. Entering is free, so let’s see what you have!

For proper inspiration, head to the Phillips to see the ongoing Morandi: Master of Modern Still Life exhibit. Tonight you can stop by after work for their monthly Phillips After 5 program and hear judge Burton discuss “When Objects Work,” a lecture about sustainable design and mass production of household objects, and get guided tours of the Morandi exhibit. Admission to the Phillips is $12 for adults and $10 for students and seniors.


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