Criticism Taken

At my first portfolio review when i was just beginning to tote consumed around a reviewer told me that they wanted to see more pictures of people eating. But that wasn’t really my point, though of course I did not mention this to the reviewer, if they failed to grasp this, who was I to point it out?

I’ve since taken a few variations of people eating fast food, usually in the form of a french fry or derivative product (blooming onion). Anway this is for that guy:
Octoberfest, Staunton, VA at the Museum of Frontier Culture.

You wish you had my life.

© Susana Raab 2008

© Susana Raab 2008


2 thoughts on “Criticism Taken

  1. Most probably the reviewer hit the wall. As hunger replaced original thought a last desperate attempt was made to offer up useful advice. To no avail. Hunger won out and you, disappointed, left to salvage this pathetic advice with photos of people eating. Stick a fork in it.


  2. Yummm…. blooming onion.

    Nice piece in PDN… lots of stuff of people eating though.

    You ever notice the first three or four maybe seven bites of the blooming onion, the one at Texas Roadhouse, not Outback, tastes so good? Then, maybe your distracted or the salad arrives, something, and the darn thing starts to cool off, and suddenly it doesn’t seem that good anymore. Then, when it cools off all the way, and it’s actually cold, or worse you brought it home and tried to heat it up in the microwave… and you wonder, out-loud, “What was a thinking? These things are disgusting.”

    In the end, like a romance started on the internet, the blooming onion is destined to disappoint (and raise your cholesterol).


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