Correction: Looking for Bobby Frank

Just wanted to say that Robt. Frank is speaking at the National Gallery on Thursday tomorrow and not today, Wednesday. I had the date right, but the day wrong in my previous post. Apologies to all. 

DC No Home for Your Fine Arts Career? The Great Migration

Wa Post arts writer Blake Gopnik pens an interesting piece today on artists who begin their career in DC and then drive their Conestoga’s to New York in search of the art world equivalent of greener pastures.  I think this is a conundrum that affects most of us working in the hinterlands outside of NYC.  I have been advised to move to New York myself on more than one occassion.  My reasons for not doing so are manifold: a spouse with a steady job (much steadier than mine, alas) here in DC; a great apartment in a great location close to parks, woods, great restaurants, the metro and downtown; after growing up as a modern day hobo, I am enjoying planting some roots somewhere; I am beginning to get invested with curators and the arts scene here in DC; an ill family member with whom I want to remain geographically close; the dog parks in NYC do not appeal (where is the grass?); the Bluegrass music scene here is soooo good.

I am inspired by artists like William Christenberry and Sally Mann (and all the others) who have forged their own careers outside the five boroughs.  I do not deny the energy and excitement that is unavoidable in the city, and I begrudge no one their inclination to place their grubstake there. It makes sense for a lot of people.  Curators like Daniel Cooney encourage me when he states, in a recent piece in PDN online:

I always think to myself that I want to meet the artists that are more committed to their art than to promoting it. I want to meet the artists that are in their studios not walking around Chelsea trying to get someone to look at their portfolios. Make good work and the rest will happen organically.

For me too, I am more interested in producing then promoting, though sadly, reality sometimes makes it difficult.

The article focuses on two emerging artists who have made the move to NYC as a logical progression in their careers.  Their success in DC is partially financing their new location.  It quotes uber-DC gallerist, George Hemphill who says that NY is “less the ‘there’ place” that it used to be.  Though another gallerist quoted in the article make a point of noting DC’s provincialism and love of “dabblers.”  No lessons learned from this, just food for thought.  There is the give and take of being a big fish in a small pond, and the balancing of risk and reward.  This we must all measure for ourselves.  I am just happy to see  that Blake Gopnik is focusing on a piece that is applicable to those of us working inside the beltway, because for a few years there I was not sure that he even ever stepped foot in Washington.

Lecture with Robert Frank Wednesday at Nattie Gallery

Robert Frank is coming to town for a lecture with National Gallery’s own Sarah Greenough. You’ll have to cut class though; the lecture begins at 3.30 PM. March 26 – Here’s the details:

A Conversation with Robert Frank
Robert Frank, photographer, in conversation with Sarah Greenough, senior curator and head of the department of photographs, National Gallery of Art
3:30pm, East Building Auditorium

More info here.

oh yeah, and it’s Free!

New York Photo Awards Promotional Announcement

It seems like NYPF overall is a good thing. So here is a bit of an advert to enter yeself in the the NY Photo Award contest if you can swing it.Maybe I will enter the foregoing:

© Susana Raab 2009

© Susana Raab 2009

In its inaugural year, the New York Photo Awards surpassed all expectations in terms of the quality, reach, and number of submissions that were received (over 3,500 submissions and 15,000 images were received from 60+ countries worldwide). The New York Photo Awards 2009 will once again honor talented photographers from all over the world whose exceptional work breaks new ground visually, intellectually, and aesthetically. Submissions will be accepted March 2 – May 1, 2009. The Award winners will be announced in May during the second edition of the Festival.

The New York Photo Awards Ceremony is scheduled to return to St. Ann’s Warehouse on Friday, May 15, 2009, starting at 8pm. The work of the Award Winners and Honorable Mentions will be presented on the big screen before a packed audience of industry luminaries. Fourteen major awards will be publicly presented to the Award Winners, and 28 artists will receive Honorable Mention certificates.

In addition to the New York Photo Awards ceremony, their work will be showcased on the New York Photo Festival website, and published in leading photo magazines. These artists are also automatically eligible for inclusion in a beautifully produced New York Photo Awards Annual, available for purchase online through the New York Photo Festival website.

To enter click here.

Criticism Taken

At my first portfolio review when i was just beginning to tote consumed around a reviewer told me that they wanted to see more pictures of people eating. But that wasn’t really my point, though of course I did not mention this to the reviewer, if they failed to grasp this, who was I to point it out?

I’ve since taken a few variations of people eating fast food, usually in the form of a french fry or derivative product (blooming onion). Anway this is for that guy:
Octoberfest, Staunton, VA at the Museum of Frontier Culture.

You wish you had my life.

© Susana Raab 2008

© Susana Raab 2008

Women Photojournalists of Washington (WPOW) Announces 2nd Annual Juried Exhibition : Launch

So the ladies over at WPOW tell me they’ve extended the deadline for their group show, Launch, juried by Melanie McWhorter of PhotoEye, Suzanne Miklas of Newsweek, and Pamela Chen. The new deadline is Wednesday midnight and entry is free.They’ve already secured a gallery place in DC, museum tours, etc so PLEASE enter as great exposure.  I think as long as you live in the Washington metroplex you are gold, so do not hesitate. Membership is free as well.

You can download required info here.

Take that Rosie the Riveter!

In al Norte, we think we are such tough hot shots and exert-ers of superpowerness, but personally I have never seen such a display of bravada as on this female member of the armed forces of Argentina at a recent independence/battle/remembrance/celebration in Salta, Argentina.

"Check out those Guns, That's What He Said" © Susana Raab 2009 from the series, Culturally Inapropriate Sub-Texts

"Check out those Guns, That's What He Said" © Susana Raab 2009 from the series, Culturally Inapropriate Sub-Texts

Of course, they appear to start early familiarizing themselves with the products of the military industrial complex: