Seen on Assignment


This  may not be an incredible picture, but the sad fact is it’s so much better than the photograph I was assigned to make on the same street (of something completely unrelated).  I saw this tree sitting there and I immediately thought of Kevin Miyazaki.  Kevin’s work is actually more macro then this, but the same principles of minimalism and graphics apply.  He channels Irving Penn a bit when he makes mold look good.  This photograph is why I try not to look at other photographers’ work too much, because I can be a sponge, a mimic, a monkey (my chinese new year sign). Thanks a pantload Kevin!

Seriously lately I have found myself taking way too many pictures of inanimate objects (which is not MY trope), and even sneaking a parking lot in here and there.  I’m losing my mo-jo and I just hope I can find it when I head down to Peru in a couple weeks to work on a project I started last year (and still can’t show b/c it’s embargoed) about Peruvian coastal life.  Yet soon all will be clear my pretties, very soon!


3 thoughts on “Seen on Assignment

    • oh absolutely, kevin is a good one, i only channel those whose work i like! this was more just a tease – and an underhanded homage to kevin who now has me looking at bits of debris embedded into the corners of my living room and such like that. But I do feel I haven’t been concentrating on moments lately, which is no fault of anyone’s but my own.


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