Beautiful Surprise: Harvest Magazine of Australia

A few months ago I got an email from Imogen, art director of Harvest Magazine, a literary magazine published out of Victoria.  She asked for permission to publish a photograph from my series on Southern writers, A Sense of Place, to go along in conjunction with a piece they had.  I sent off the photo and thought nothing more of it.  Today I got issue two of Harvest magazzine, the spring/summer 2008 edition which is of course, my fall & winter.  It is a garden of delights.  I have not had time to read any of the text yet, (I am inundated with new christmas photobooks and reading and no time to indulge!), but the illustrations & design are so beautiful it breaks my heart how much effort these people have put into their product.  Well done and where can I get copies to send to my friends? Please sample for yourself:


Illustration by Luci Everett


illustration by Elsa Mora


Illustration by Merethe Tingstad


Illustration by Nghiem Tran


Illustration by Yours Truly


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