Job Opportunity: Video

It’s the beginning of tough times indeed. Instead of giving in our to natural inclinations and standing like a deer in headlights as the carnage approaches those with video experience in the area may be interested in taking advantage of this opportunity:  My talented friend Page Carr, at NOVA’s photo program in Alexandria is seeking an adjunct video instrunctor. The ideal candidate will:
• have a college degree in the field of Photography or Video, or something clearly related, OR a college transcript with plenty of courses in those subjects.
• have at least two years full time professional (applied) experience in the field, documented by employment records, letters of reference, and / or IRS records.
• pass a background check conducted by the college.
• have prior college teaching experience, but this is not required.
The more education, applied experience, and teaching experience the candidate has, the higher the pay will be. Our pay scale for adjuncts is very good compared to other schools in the area, including Universities.
The class could be scheduled Mornings, Afternoons, or Evenings, M-Th, and possibly Friday Morning or Afternoon. Fall classes run from the end of August through mid-December, meeting 16 times (probably once a week for 3.5 hours)

Shoot me a pm if you are interested and I’ll forward the info along.


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