PhotoNOLA: a good time was had by all

David Byrne © Michael Wilson

David Byrne © Michael Wilson

Am still amidst my ms/la and all points in between meander. I have enjoyed my time in New Orleans immensely, made most special by reuniting with my friends Louviere and Vanessa, who I met at my first portfolio review, at Review Santa Fe in 2005. I’ve gone to my fair share of portfolio reviews in the interim, one more time at RSF, than PhotoEspana, a quickie at En Foco, and honestly, I wouldn’t have done this one if I hadn’t wanted to see L&V and they didn’t have such a fine roster of reviewers. After all, I don’t really have any other project as well-developed as the one I’ve been showing at all these reviews – but it’s the opportunity to meet people who may be able to help you out, and the opportunity to get to know the other reviewees that makes it worth it. Plus you do get a lot of inside baseball – which is always helpful, and which I do not feel is appropriate to share in this venue.

I must admit a secret love of the bunker mentality that develops among reviewees, especially when going to  back-to-back reviews (which to be fair – the reviewers experience all day long) – you can really pick out the nice photogs from the so-ambitious that they hate everyone else and are insufferable  – which is a fun side sport – it is after all, not unlike Orwell’s Animal Farm, and it’s so fun to see the diversity of photography out there in something a bit more tangible than a website.  Of course, 99% of everyone I met were great folks, why are photographers so darn fun?  I loved all my reviewers at this event – really! And i won’t be such a kiss ass as to name then, but there was not an unproductive meeting in the lot.

I need to give a shout-out to Vanessa and Jen Shaw for working so hard for nary a dime of recompense, other than the sheer joy of facilitating such a well turned out event.   I cannot believe this review is only in it’s second year of existence – It was a very relaxed scene, and offered some nice opportunities to hang out with reviewers and photographers alike away from the portfolios.

I finally met cyber gal pal Allison V. Smith – and her posse of Texan cohorts – as well as more amazing photographers not too far away from me own neck of the woods.  Some names that come to mind in my post-portfolio daze are: Gordon Stettinius (my soon to be co-conspirator on a series inspired by Gordon tentatively called, “I am Luke Wilson”, Katrina d’Autremont (who has the best name ever), my buddy Pete Souza’s long lost cousin twice removed, Bethany Souza, Michael Wilson (my vote for most sincere man and loved that he brought the entire family from Cincinatti), Lance Rosenfield, Scott Dalton, Dan Shepherd, Rick Olivier (whom I very much put on the spot for one image from a zydeco series that I do not think I can live another day without possessing), Charles Latham, and last, but not least fellow mid-Atlanticite, Woody Woodruff.   Oh, and I don’t want to give too much away, but Mrs. Conscientious herself, aka Karen Colberg – is a HOOT – and a nice foil to her Germanic other-half, whose own personal work on the feline community is not to be missed! ; )

© Gordon Stettinius

© Gordon Stettinius


5 thoughts on “PhotoNOLA: a good time was had by all

  1. Awesome meeting you! Look forward to more playtime at SPE. BTW, I too wanted to use that Brilliant Michael Wilson photo of David Byrne but could not find it on his website. He is my full time hero! I’m still laughing about when you asked Dell Zogg if he was in a zydeco band. You’re a blast!


  2. yes, too short a visit with you! I hope you realized that was a tongue in cheek “cyber gal pal” reference. I have picked up a little bit of the tabloid lingo from the grocery check out line and love to employ it judiciously. Del Zogg! Completely forgot about that! Do you think he knows what zydeco is???? I hope you got a lot out of your first reviewing experience – besides a hangover and bruce davidson’s autograph on your ass ; )


  3. Great to meet you in the bunker, S.R., and thanks for being gentle with me & saying kind things on my virginal review experience. Yes, Del Zogg would be a good name for a zydeco star, wouldn’ it? Or we could just write to him addressed as “BooZogg”…OK I’ll stop…


  4. Yes folks, even though my roots are in the east (though I am a somewhat recent transplant to Texas-of all places), I do hace an appreciation for Zydeco…

    PhotoNoLa was a blast and had a wonderful time meeting you all and seeing your work.



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