Forget Black Friday: Humble Arts Holiday Sale

In deference to Buy Nothing Day, I have decided to post this on Saturday, even though, technically, my grandfather would have considered this the equivalent to “buying nothing.”


© Allison Grant

The value of your investment in the stock market may be plummeting, your real estate value imploding, but art is forever.  You can hang it up and enjoy it, an act I have not been able to replicate with my SEP-IRA.  Knowing this the good folks at Humble Arts Foundation are offering a holiday sale of 30% off their limited edition prints.

Now is your chance to own great work by Shen Wei, Juliana Beasley, Cara Phillips, Grant Willing, Allison Grant, Jason Lazarus, yours truly, and many, many more.    You can get shopping here.

PETA Protest

© Susana Raab


© Shen Wei


© Jason Lazarus


2 thoughts on “Forget Black Friday: Humble Arts Holiday Sale

  1. I’d be afraid to buy that Allison Grant print, for fear that William Lamson would come along and burst those balloons, and thus, my print investment would look just like my SEP-IRA investment — down the drain…


  2. oh dude, nice concept – just videotape it and offer it up to the Whitney as a multimedia performance piece and you’ve got yourself a fantastic ROI! besides you are too YOUNG to be worrying about your SEP-IRA!


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