I had the enormous pleasure of photographing Wally Shawn, of Princess Bride and Star Trek fame, and most recently of Gossip Girl, a show I have never seen.


As I was scoping out locations a few minutes before I was to arrive at his girlfriend’s apartment, I got a phone call: “Susana, this is Wally.”  How can you not love someone named Wally and who uses no publicist? He met me in the foyer of the building and was great to work with, though he was sensitive to being photographed in front of certain objects that he felt were too grand: a broken gilt mirror, a heavily carved wooden chair.  AND he told my photo editor that he would FLAT OUT refuse to be photographed in a bathtub filled with milk.  Well!

It was a treat to spend time with the co-creator of My Dinner with Andre.  We talked about writers, writing, the creative process, Trekkies (he loves), Princess Bride Fans, how many times a week someone shouts “Inconceivable!” at him, and even debased ourselves with now passe Team Anniston vs. Team Jolie chit-chat(he brought it up FYI).  Thank you Cathy Mather and Wally Shawn – you both rock.  Tune into Wally on Gossip Girl and don’t be shy about letting the network know if you love him.


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