A Better Time

Was it some kind of cosmic convergence that delivered to my doorstep yesterday 20 copies of the book A Better Time, a project I worked on this spring in Peru for the Italian paper company Cartiere del Garda?  Do the Italians know something that we the American electorate, were not so certain of?

This exquisitely printed book features the works of photographers Silvia Morara, Julien Oppenheim, Borut Peterlin, Kathryn Cook, Anja Teske, Johan Markusson, Matilde Gattoni, Ingvar Kenne, Sharron Lovell, and me!  We were all given the theme “free time” to interpret as we like.  Standouts for me were Ingvar’s quiet and moody dyptichs of Australian surfers and Kathryn Cook’s ethereal black and white images of Istanbul which reminded me so much of Paolo Pellegrin‘s body of work for it’s moody subtlety. Uber-editor Arianna Rinaldo showed off her obvious assigning and editing chops as I found the book to be intelligently sequenced with a nice flow.

Since everyone who knows me knows that I was born to strut around in a thong bikini, I chose to focus on Peruvians at the beach.  And thus a new and different project was born, La Mar. I’ll be posting it on my website at some point, until then you can look at some of my photos below.








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