I’ve decided that blog posting for me shall be like those gifts Boo Radley left in the tree for Scout: unexpected offerings that delight (hopefully).  There are times when for a myriad of reasons the spirit does not move.  Rather than make this my modern day confessional, there will be a silence whilst Look Underfoot is not underfoot – a welcome silence, it may be, but only temporary.

I got an email the other day from something called I visited their portfolio sites and saw a great project I hadn’t seen before by Nadav Kander. This was not his portrait stuff but a project from the Yangtze River and maybe it’s old news to you, but I was quite taken with it. Though I did find the edit a bit long and redundant -some issues with sequencing. But the work itself had some nice surprises in a variety of situations and that dreamy air pollution really mutes the palette.  The site itself was nice but I read through the fine print and you have to buy some gallery for like $50 to be featured, which I’m sure Nadav is not!  And the site overall looked like it had some issues to me – but if you are interested in viewing this project on the Yangtze click here.

Belatedly, I pass on info about arts awareness month by fellow DC blogger Mike Licht.  He writes about local arts funding opportunities here and might be a good bookmark if you are interested in more of that.


4 thoughts on “Aggregatin’

  1. Susana,

    I got the same come-on from them. What an underhanded approach that woman has. should be on everyone’s Spam List.

    They come at you like they’re pure editorial, and it’s not til the third or fourth email that the truth comes out. I asked her point-blank if every single photographer PAID to be there — of course, I never got a straight answer. Which is, of course, the straight answer.

    Reminds me of those magazines that give away ads to high-profile companies to (fake) elevate the status of their magazine.


  2. Hi M.T. – I cannot believe in this day of the Nigerian Oil Scam that a company would not be upfront with what they are and what they are selling. It just feels disingenuous otherwise. Thanks for commenting on the more nefarious aspect of this promotional scheme.


  3. You should have seen the back-and-forth email chain; it was hilarious. It starts out with them lubing you up, and by the third or fourth email they’re asking for money, and then when you call them on the approach, they respond with defiance, like you’ve insulted them.

    It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

    It also makes me wonder if the true “Masters” on that site really know what’s going on. (I’m sure not one). But I guess the true Masters never got the money email…


  4. i’m sure the “masters” on the site, who have portfolios have been given them for free, frankly, i’m surprised they were hitting you up. it seems like they would be better off hitting the “emerging” (how i love/hate that word) market segment, who might not know any better than to plop down fifty bones on a yet untested site.

    i’m no genius of capitalism, but i can think of more profitable ventures than $50 portfolio aggregator for photographers. like anything having to do with a dog. like i’m sure you could charge $50/pop to put a portfolio of people’s dogs online. That would be money well spent!


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