Whose a Maverick Now?

The Virginia Gentleman © Susana Raab

OK – I know that word might be a trifle over-used, but I just want to thank you a mere 24 hrs after i announced the new catalog – that my special edition is over HALF sold out – with no small thanks to my satisfied repeat subscribers and some new friends and supporters. In light of these troubling economic times I appreciate the fact that spending $20 can be no small feat and I hope you consider it money well spent. Maybe a better word than maverick would be entrepeneur, but honestly, I didn’t want to title this post: Whose an entrepeneur now? And I think it’s ok if we all take back maverick and reappropriate to our own lexicon where the word might actually be reinvested with meaning.

To shed a little light on this fund-raising endeavor for those of you who might be wanting to know how to emulate this lucrative scheme. My costs were pretty well covered thanks to a grant i got from the dc commission on the arts & humanities/nea. The half I just sold from this first 24 hours pretty much covered the rest of my out-of-pocket expenses. Everything now will be profit and/or promotional material, with hopefully an emphasis on the former given that lady tryin’ to self-fund.

Right now I’m applying for a grant to fund speaking at a conference next March in Dallas and the travel-related expenses. I think it’s always useful to be applying for something. This particular grant occurs three times a year, but since corporate endowments are going down the drain, I’m applying to the first round of grants as that ensures that there will still be money in the pot. Just something to keep in mind.

So, 13 6 0 SPECIAL EDITION MAGAZINES WITH PRINTS remain. I am going out of town to Albemarle, Co VA for the weekend but wanted to let those who’ve already purchased that yes, a print is coming your way. And to let everyone else know that 13 6 0 SPECIAL EDITION MAGAZINES WITH PRINTS remain. I promise that my next post will not be magazine related. You can purchase it that will not be mentioned in the next post here. Makes a fantastic gift and people will think you are Smart or something.


3 thoughts on “Whose a Maverick Now?

  1. yes, i am coming! i am very excited – in march – so very excited that it will still be “winter” too. i think the last week, for society of photographic education conference. i hope you’ll be in-town!


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