© Tim Davis (no relation to Jen Davis)

These turbulent economic times bring to light so many themes: greed, and economic leveraging as ponzi scheme built on real-estate over-valuations (bubble); our ambiguous financial future as a nation funding two wars and the fall-out this house of cards hath wrought; the privatization of capital gains and the socialization of subsequent losses; the conflicting methods needed to achieve the greater good for the general public versus the greater good for one’s own self.

A lot of us having been working on themes of consumption for a long time, but this current sitch is beyond simple plastic consumer culture.  It’s a large web connecting us all for things that we saw happening and I think this is a most interesting aspect.  If Rome falls, now we all fall. Two degrees of separation, etc.

© Mary Ellen Mark

This is all a round-about way of saying that I am an abstemious consumer, and I have lately thought about collecting photography.  I have browsed charity auctions for a while, but have never been tempted at my price-point, yet.   Yesterday, the Center for Photography at Woodstock’s catalog came in the mail and I spent near an hour perusing it’s varied and interesting contents.  It looks to me like they’ve tried very smartly to sequence and include a bit of the photographic gamut – and I’ve got three pieces I’ve got my eye on.

© Michael Paris Mazzeo

These are all pieces available at CPW’s auction.  My end point is this – I like to use my discretionary spending to support the arts – and artists. It’s a win-win situation and puts all this good karma into the world.   Use your discretionary spending to support what you want to put out into the world.   I know this is a bad economic time for people, but we can still save up for yearly contributions to whatever it is you wish to support.  And for me, art auctions are no sacrifice as you get something for your contribution.

© Jen Davis (no relation to Tim Davis)

And if those prices are too dear for you, I’ve got a little offer of my own in the next post for a very reasonable $15. Stay tuned.

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