Paper Girl Goes to Spain

My friend Sören, whom I met at PhotoEspana,  writes me with a unique opportunity to get your work out there.  I’ve some work that I’m going to send to him . . . I love the concept.  Here it is:


Papergirl is a curious project of multiple art which consists in distributing art in the most american paperboy/papergirl stile: Driving by bike and throwing the enrolled artworks – as if they were newspapers – from the bicycle to the people passing in the street. This year, Papergirl, a project of berlin-based Aisha Ronniger ( was organized the third time. And this year it also visits Cuenca.

How does it work?

You send us some artwork which has no commercial value for you and which might considering interesting for the occasion. Photos, drawing, stickers, stencils, found stuff, interesting articles of newspapers, poems, … series or singular pieces…. Everything counts. The only condition is that it can be rolled. We will expose all the works during our festival (6 of November to 14 of December) in an exhibition at the faculty of Fine Arts in Cuenca. The last weekend of the festival, the 12th of December we will roll all the works in series of 12 pieces each y everybody who wants and feels to comes and converts him and herself in a papergirl or paperboy: In a big parade going through the streets of Cuenca we will distribute the rolled artwork-editions to the people of Cuenca.

I will participate and maybe someone of you, too (hope so!!)

If so: Spanish and international residents might send their pieces till 1st of November to our office (INGRAFICA, C/ Atocha 91, 1ºD Ext, 28012 Madrid, Spain). Please don´t forget to mention your artistic name (if you have), your webspace and the place where you live.


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