Introducing 3.0

Dueling Hons, Baltimore, MD © Susana Raab 2008

it’s done (kind of, tweaks aside, and some more editing down will be likely). my website redesign is finished, some new galleries have been added: kentucky, choquequirao, new portraits added to that section.  my fear is that i have put too much work up – that i’m kind of all over the place. but i’m sorry, i just hate doing one thing.  i would shoot myself if all i did was portraits, or travel, for that matter.  i need that variety.  is that so wrong?????

i’m heading up to nyc for the day tomorrow to participate in en focos very affordable portfolio review – and do something proactive for my projects, since I have not been shooting that much for personal work at all, sadly.  but the ducks are getting in order.

you can check out the website here, feel free to let me know about bugs, criticisms, et al. have a great weekend!


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