A Nascent Organization, an Inaugural Show

I’m not posting because I’m busy, but refraining from posting that I am too busy to post. One reason is I am volunteering with the Woman Photojournalists of Washington group (hereafter referred to as WPOW) – and we are putting together our first exhibition at the Seward Belmont House which will run through DC’s Foto Week and then move-on.  Working by committee is an exhausting process, I had forgotten about this kind of interaction, which I’m sure most staffers deal with daily.   It’s great when it works well – and something unique and fantastic comes out of it – I’m sure a lot of time it’s a bunch of compromises by people with disparate visions- what are you going to do? I realize I save a lot of time by being the only person that makes decisions at Susana Raab Inc.  Hope to see you on Sept. 25th at the Seward Belmont House for the opening.  Here is the show announcement, which I designed *by committee (I am too lazy to convert back from CMYK – sorry!):


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