A Photo-Related Job that does not involve fetching coffee & donuts

My buddy Page Carr at Northern Virginia Community College sent me this part-time job opportunity at NOVA:

Visual Arts/Photo Lab Assistant
Trainer & Instructor I, Visual & Performing Arts (Position 644)

Pay Band 3, half-time position. Starting salary range $17,160-$20,551
+ prorated benefits. Hours: To be assigned.

Staffs photo lab under direction of Photo Lab Manager. Assists
students and faculty during classes and open lab hours. Assists in
maintenance and repair of lab equipment, photo chemical mixing,
maintaining OSHA and EPA procedures and requirements and maintaining
computer and software operations. Assists with department-wide
responsibilities such as Gallery exhibits, hardware and software
maintenance in Mac labs, student and instructor assistance in Mac
labs, speaker set-up and presentations, file and inventory
maintenance, and lab monitoring. Required: Associate’s degree in
photography required. Must be proficient in digital imaging software
as well as traditional photographic processes and procedures. Ability
to work well with students, faculty and staff. Ability to work
independently under supervision of Photo Lab Manager. Open until

The position is listed under part-time positions as Visual Arts/Photo
Lab Assistant online at:

Nymphoto Interview with Yours Truly

The kind and talented Nina Buesing has generously interviewed me for the photo collective, Nymphoto (I know, you’re thinking “Not another interview.” My immense market-saturation is overwhelming! ; )) You can check it out here.  I’ve discovered a number of great women photogs on the site, and particulary enjoy Emily Shur‘s blog, My Four-Eyed Fantasy, Emily has a fantastic voice and inside baseball on great music.

Perhaps the Greatest Mary Ellen Mark Photograph Ever

Louie in a Cape © Mary Ellen Mark

New pal Ken Schneiderman, a gifted portrait photographer himself, and all-around great guy sent me this photo of his Jack Russell/Pug Mix, Louie, photographed by Ms. Mary Ellen Mark for an ad campaign.  Ken used to assist MEM, and proved himself invaluable in talent casting calls as well, apparently.  Louie has the most delicious underbite (click on it to blow it up bigger).  We are both those kind of people, dog lovers, so when Ken shared this photograph with me, I immediately asked permission to post it on my blog, because it made my day, and I hope it makes yours as well.

Paper Girl Goes to Spain

My friend Sören, whom I met at PhotoEspana,  writes me with a unique opportunity to get your work out there.  I’ve some work that I’m going to send to him . . . I love the concept.  Here it is:


Papergirl is a curious project of multiple art which consists in distributing art in the most american paperboy/papergirl stile: Driving by bike and throwing the enrolled artworks – as if they were newspapers – from the bicycle to the people passing in the street. This year, Papergirl, a project of berlin-based Aisha Ronniger (www.papergirl-berlin.de) was organized the third time. And this year it also visits Cuenca.

How does it work?

You send us some artwork which has no commercial value for you and which might considering interesting for the occasion. Photos, drawing, stickers, stencils, found stuff, interesting articles of newspapers, poems, … series or singular pieces…. Everything counts. The only condition is that it can be rolled. We will expose all the works during our festival (6 of November to 14 of December) in an exhibition at the faculty of Fine Arts in Cuenca. The last weekend of the festival, the 12th of December we will roll all the works in series of 12 pieces each y everybody who wants and feels to comes and converts him and herself in a papergirl or paperboy: In a big parade going through the streets of Cuenca we will distribute the rolled artwork-editions to the people of Cuenca.

I will participate and maybe someone of you, too (hope so!!)

If so: Spanish and international residents might send their pieces till 1st of November to our office (INGRAFICA, C/ Atocha 91, 1ºD Ext, 28012 Madrid, Spain). Please don´t forget to mention your artistic name (if you have), your webspace and the place where you live.

In Praise of Civil Discourse

By now, many of you have read the still gathering storm that is the Jill Greenberg/McCain/Atlantic monthly debacle, in which Ms. Greenberg, aka the Manipulator (a term that is now meaningful on so many levels) during a commission for The Atlantic Monthly purposefully creates and then digitally enhances images of  Republican Presidential candidate John McCain in a way that makes him appear,er, malevolent, to say the least.  I don’t feel like posting the work here you can find it quite easily on any of the number of blogs that are and will be covering this topic. I just really need to say this:

1.  Ms. Greenberg has succeeded in joining the ranks of Jason Blair, and Stephen Glass, in singlehandedly damaging the reputation of a respected magazine and by contributing to the public’s often poor perception of objectivity and ethics in journalism, (i don’t want to get into a debate about the possibility of objectivity – i agree it is impossible to be totally objective, but what is not impossible is to try one’s hardest to suspend one’s bias in the carrying out of work when working for a journalistic entity).  I know she is not a journalist per se, but she was working for a news magazine, and therefore, (does this need to be spelled out??) she is expected to behave in keeping with the profession for the duration of her shoot and the post-production. This is a pretty reasonable expectation, which Ms. Greenberg subverts gleefuly with the comment,” Some of my artwork has been pretty anti-Bush, so maybe it was somewhat irresponsible for them [The Atlantic] to hire me.”

2. Ms. Greenberg has given the Republicans some fantastic material to mobilize anti-liberal sentiment.

3.  Ms. Greenberg had every right to do what she did, legally. She negotiated a short embargo, the pictures were hers to do with what she would.  Just like the Klu Klux Klan has a right to march around in sheets and burn crosses during public marches with the necessary permits.  People have the right to do many unsavory things, but rights don’t always make it right.

3.  The photographs that Ms. Greenberg has created are entirely in keeping with the infantile discourse about this election that is preventing us from delving deeply into any issues that will actually affect us.  I don’t give a shite about hockey, pit-bulls, and lipstick, but this seems to be a great unifier for the American public.  And don’t kid yourself, this cult of superficiality happens on both sides of the aisle (just look at Greenberg’s work).  The American public might be better served by actually unplugging and reading some analysis in magazines like The Atlantic, The New Yorker, and The National Review and using their own noggins, and poorly developed analytical skills to determine what one thinks is right for themselves.   Yeah, that’s right, I said The National Review.  You might actually want to familiarize yourself with both sides, so you can weigh and argue intelligently. (And yes, I assume everyone reading this blog is leaning to the democratic side, my apologies out there if I am incorrect).

4. I doubt that this is going to have huge lasting impact on her career, at least vis a vis Hollywood, where the tendency is to speak liberal while simultaneously putting movies out that are violent, sexually graphic, and demeaning towards women.  (As an aside, does anyone else but me find it hypocritical that Angelina Jolie puts out some of the most violent movies out there – i truly appreciate her humanitarian efforts, but I find her choice in many movies to be at odds with the agenda she promotes off-set).

5.  We can demonize people all we want, if it makes us feel like better people, but that is not going to make the world a better place.  Be the change you wish to see in the world, Jill Greenberg.  I have no idea what you stand for, your stand against John McCain hasn’t told me anything about him, but it’s told me a lot about you.

Oh yeah, and thanks a lot for making our jobs a whole lot harder.  How long will embargoes be now? How much more paperwork are we going to have to sign? And no more cross-outs on the indemnity clauses.  Yeah, it’s End Times, all right.  But not the way she thinks.

PS Kind of scary too how bad her technique is when she goes off-piste.  I can think of some much better executed portraits of evil.

Introducing susanaraab.com 3.0

Dueling Hons, Baltimore, MD © Susana Raab 2008

it’s done (kind of, tweaks aside, and some more editing down will be likely). my website redesign is finished, some new galleries have been added: kentucky, choquequirao, new portraits added to that section.  my fear is that i have put too much work up – that i’m kind of all over the place. but i’m sorry, i just hate doing one thing.  i would shoot myself if all i did was portraits, or travel, for that matter.  i need that variety.  is that so wrong?????

i’m heading up to nyc for the day tomorrow to participate in en focos very affordable portfolio review – and do something proactive for my projects, since I have not been shooting that much for personal work at all, sadly.  but the ducks are getting in order.

you can check out the website here, feel free to let me know about bugs, criticisms, et al. have a great weekend!

A Nascent Organization, an Inaugural Show

I’m not posting because I’m busy, but refraining from posting that I am too busy to post. One reason is I am volunteering with the Woman Photojournalists of Washington group (hereafter referred to as WPOW) – and we are putting together our first exhibition at the Seward Belmont House which will run through DC’s Foto Week and then move-on.  Working by committee is an exhausting process, I had forgotten about this kind of interaction, which I’m sure most staffers deal with daily.   It’s great when it works well – and something unique and fantastic comes out of it – I’m sure a lot of time it’s a bunch of compromises by people with disparate visions- what are you going to do? I realize I save a lot of time by being the only person that makes decisions at Susana Raab Inc.  Hope to see you on Sept. 25th at the Seward Belmont House for the opening.  Here is the show announcement, which I designed *by committee (I am too lazy to convert back from CMYK – sorry!):