On a Related Note . . .

to my previous posting, PhotoEspana pal Jens Sundheim just sent me an update to his project, Der Reisende (The Traveller), which he has been working on with collaborator Bernhard Reus since 2003. In it they photograph each others’ images off of publicly accessed web-cams around the world (mostly Europe). You can check out there project here.

© Jens Sundheim & Berhnhard Reus

(The little guy facing the camera next to the horse and carriage is either Jens or Bernhard).

So the next time someone hassles you in public for taking their pictures you can fix them a good, hard look, before saying,” Why are you bothering me? I’m just the photographer you know about. There are others out there, others you can’t even see.” Before walking away with a maniacal laugh. That’ll fix ’em.


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