St. Petersburg, Fla

It’s actually quite mild for summer in steamy florida today and I am surrounded by enthusiastic A Photo A Day-ers gathered this weekend for the third annual “Geekfest” or  A Photo A Day convention.  I was reading this article by Wendell Berry a few days ago, and he mentioned about how these internet communities are not communities, but networks – and while, yes, it’s true, that most of these people dialogue more through the great Gore invention of the interweb, I do feel that this is a strong community, per se.  And these people seem to know each other better than I know my mailperson, who I see on a more regular basis than these people see each other.  I think perhaps, that people a bit younger than both Berry and meself, are more comfortable interacting through a keyboard, and if it seems a little Big Brother (I mean the book 1984, not the reality tv show!) to you or I so be it.

Personally, I prefer the face to face conversation one gets, and hate having a conversation reduced to “LOL! C U at 7” – though the first (and only) time my mate “LOL” ed me, it did produce quite the hysterics of laughter on my part (something about anachronism – [how does one shorten this word for webspeak?] – though this is also backgrounded by his overriding tendency to provide all nouns with the definite article – “I do not want to be the meat of the street – referring to a colloquial term used by CNNers to refer to the cameraman on general assignment – known by CNN as street-meat (no def. article), and to transform all exotic locations into ethnic fare: Machu Picchu becomes matzah pea soup and so on)

Anyway, as always I digress.  One APADer has just summoned me to the beach so away I go.  But just wanted to express my admiration for this group of supportive, nurturing folks frolicking here in St. Pete.  They is so nice! The web could do worse, and I think they just put the community back into network. We should all be inspired!


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