Movie Review: Frank & Cindy

A few times a year, my mate will pull out an obscure movie from a glassine sleeve, and say, “Have you seen this movie?” After years of being taunted with my resemblance to one Rhoda of “The Bad Seed,” I was finally rewarded with a screening, and while the similarities were far from flattering (a penchant for wearing starched crinoline pinafores and my hair in two perfect plaits aside), and I discovered in the process that I am with a kind of dvd savant, who can find outrageous gems far from the madding crowd.

A few weeks ago, Himself had been muttering about “Frank & Cindy.” Everyday, like a broken record “Have you seen Frank & Cindy?” “Has a package shown up for me?” “I just got an email from G.J. of Frank & Cindy.” I have to admit when I sat down for the screening, I was both befuddled and reluctant. However, within ten minutes, I was mesmerized, repulsed and attracted to the glowing screen. “Frank & Cindy” is the chronicle of the ultimate disfunctional, co-dependent, basically any sort of self-help terminology you want to apply may not be far-off, couple. Cindy, is the filmmaker’s mother, and Frank, is G.J’s stepfather, a fact hilariously alluded to within five minutes of the film, when G.J. subtitles Frank’s introduction, “My Mother Married this Man.”

I won’t spoil the entire film. Let me just say, that another audience member upon finishing the screening, remarked,” I feel so great about my life.” And while it is sad, to see these two people make excuses for a life that seems a bit wasted, what is most amazing and life-affirming is the son, who despite the bizarreness of his upbringing, seems to bear no hostility to the insanity perpetually wreaking havoc around him. G.J. is the real hero of this story who accepts the lives of the people around him, and makes the most of it: this film.

You can contact G.J. to order the film here. Do it! Support a talented artist!

PS Speaking of the above, the ‘zine Rank Strangers is still available in limited edition for purchase ($15) here!


2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Frank & Cindy

  1. Devastating movie! You’re the first person I know that has experienced (one doesn’t just see) Frank & Cindy. When you finish with “speaking of the above” do you mean; “a life that seems a bit wasted”, ” insanity perpetually wreaking havoc”, or ” Do it! Support a talented artist!”? I’ve got mine!


  2. Mel! Frank and Cindy soul sister – I guess I could have been referring to #2, “insanity perpetually wreaking havoc,” but know that it was #3, a shameless plea to move these ‘zines. You have done your bit for this fledgling publishing house, and we: myself, Frank, and Cindy; thank you.
    Have you seen “The Bad Seed”? Some gems in that film, too.


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