Notes from Up the River

Howler Monkeys, Rio Tambopata, Peru © Susana Raab 2008

Ranger Rick call me! I’m not an avid fan of the wildlife genre, but I do like James Balog’s tree book very much.  But seeing these howler monkeys up close, little critters which woke me up at 4 in the morning with a steady hum that lasted through 6 am.  I think it was one of the coolest thing about my little trek to the Peruvian Amazon near Puerto Maldonado in late March.  And I met some great conservationists from Porto Alegre, Brazil and Cusco, Peru (Hi Leo & Jorge!).

The following, on the other hand, I can fully believe didn’t make the cut as it depicts clear-cut growth on the rain forest in Peru. Not perfect for a travel piece on fun places to visit. Nevertheless, it is part of the tour and rightly so as it’s important to educate people when one has the opportunity to do so, so in theory it coulda  run . . . .

Clear-Cut Rain Forest, Rio Tambopata, Peru.

Trudging along with editorial assignments and website revision. Completely sick of looking at my work! (except for photos of howler monkeys)


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