When Color Was New at Julie Saul (here: © Joel Sternfeld)

visiting nyc is akin to visiting a foreign country. i mean, you speak the same language, most of the time, but there is a sensory overload that completely short circuits one, and i always struggle to orient myself there. this was not aided by the fact that i was staying near times square which is a visual cacophony dedicated to nothing. i had a wonderful but brief visit which included a few galleries, visits with editors, and a some terrific meals with friends.

© Asako Narahashi

i had the pleasure of attending a preview to a show that’s up at yossi milo – some really wonderful images by photographer Asako Narahashi, with the ambiguous title, half awake and half asleep in the water. The front room was filled with these large scale images of landscape taken from the sea, taken from the vantage point of the water with a Nikonos 35mm. Narahashi brings back edge tension and offers some surprises. My only beef is that perhaps they are blown up too much with the dreaded digital green and magenta blotches in the shadows, but the accompanying book – offering a much smaller scale, obviously, looked lush.

Next, I hoofed it over to Hasted Hunt for James Mollison’s The Disciples, taken at concerts all over the place, showing fans dressing up to imitate their idols. A teeny commercial for me, but interesting and fun to look at. In Esquire

© Mitch Epstein

My favorite show was at Julie Saul Gallery – When Color Was New- vintage mostly small scale photographs from the ’70s. The usual suspects: shore, parr, christenberry, sternfeld, meyerowitz, goldin, walker evans – and a few lesser known nice surprises. With any group show it will be hit or miss for you with the photos. But I like the spirit of the endeavor, it’s always fun to see what a gallery will do. The photographs were all beautifully printed, if seemingly diminuitive – and appropriately lush. Nary a pixel in sight. I saw an old favorite (Sternfeld’s burning house pumpkin patch) and got a new one (Mitch Epstein’s photo above) – and was delighted with the whole thing.


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