Good Grief

Not sure how many of you are familiar with the fantastic Post Secret project, wherein readers can send in their anonymous secrets on the back of a postcard to Frank Warren, who culls through them and creates book out of the often poignant material.

This secret surfaced in this Sunday’s pickings.

But I bet he/she is REALLY good at photoshop.


4 thoughts on “Good Grief

  1. Of course, “professional photographer” could be a myriad of things. I’m a professional editor (by day), and I meet people all the time who call themselves “editors,” and they can’t edit their way out of a prepositional phrase to save their lives; have no editorial training; have never passed an editing test; have never worked for a publishing house, magazine, or newspaper; don’t know the differences between Chicago, AP, MLA, et al; and only call themselves “professional” because they occasionally proofread college students’ manuscripts for a buck a page and have a pocketful of free business cards from VistaPrint.

    God, I sound bitter. I need a vacation. . . .


  2. I have heard of those anon Post Secret postcards, and usually it is the more titillating things that get mentioned. But if thats true and the photographer just shoots on auto, etc., all the time, he or she is really lucky someone hasn’t noticed n outted them. Why would someone bother to send in a card like that if it wasnt true. ugh.


  3. Wow! I could be an editor and a professional photographer too! I know Chicago style is more than just a deep-dish pizza! And MLA was the bane of my existence back in the day.

    Mike, I believe, as Barney Frank (paraphrasing W.C. Fields) once said, “The public is no bargain either.” Every day I hear laments from my colleagues on how the general public just has no eye or consideration as to what we think of as quality. I know a fabulous wedding photographer who does poignant 4×5 work, but guess what! Everyone wants their digi images on cd by the end of the event – he is losing all passion for it, because everyone wants 5000 images without caring about the content.

    It’s just sad and troubling. Both on the part of the “art buyers” and the photographers who are bringing the definition of good imagery down to the lowest common denominator.


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