On Top of the World

Teddy Roosevelt Surveys the Blue Ridge

Sometimes assignments are better fodder back at the bar than they are in the portfolio. This assignment while yielding some nice images, is definitely better in the cyber bar that is this blog. Take for example the first day, after hiking for several hours on a former rail trail and finding nary a person, much less a hiker, I finally encountered two fishermen. The chastised me for being on the trail by myself. “Aren’t you even carrying a weapon?” they queried, while one brandished his glock. Um, my camera is my weapon? (vis a vis Cartier Bresson). They didn’t buy this.

Turns out they were camping right next to me on the Greenbrier River. Later that night as we were conferring on hiking locations, the topic of heat again came up. “So you’re brother doesn’t carry a gun?” one of the men continued incredulously. “I have 86 guns.”

“But you only have two hands,” I retorted.


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