I Was Going

Pukusana, Peru © Susana Raab

to write this self-indulgent rant that detailed the incredible highs and lows that have been my mood in the last two days, but I just couldn’t do it to you – didn’t want to publicly access my vulnerability like that, and really you don’t want me to go there either. Instead, here is Sarita and Benjamin in Pukusana, Peru living la vida rica.

I’ve got an assignment this weekend that involves hiking, shooting, and camping. I’m bringing the dog. Life ain’t so bad, as long as I can keep Teddy Roosevelt from body surfing on the whitewater rapids.


4 thoughts on “I Was Going

  1. Dear god. I’m glad I’m not the only one. It is so tempting to vent. When it’s one’s own baggage, it is also so boring in “print”.

    Have a cleansing weekend!


  2. Just wanted to say that your photos and work in general is amazing! I loved the photos of Lima in the NY Times yesterday, although personally, I would have chosen the Bodega’s boccanera over the raspberry sorbet to photograph…! Nonetheless, beautiful pictures.

    oh and I was just curious, are you Peruvian?

    take care!


  3. Thanks all! Mel – the weekend was truly cleansing – I got caught in biblical downpours – but all makes for a good tale back at the bar – Sam: you’ve raised the bar in the photoblog – just trying to live up to your good example – and Leela, thank you for your nice words. Yes, I was born in Peru to a Peruvian father, but raised in the states – so not the expert by all means – but working at it! poco a poco.




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