Vote Against Orphan Works, a PSA

Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been pretty busy recently and haven’t kept up with the Orphan Works business as much as I should. And wouldn’t you know but this came into my mailbox and it makes it so easy to send a cogent letter to someone so I’m passing this along for you too.

BREAKING NEWS, May 6, 2008 – The House is meeting tomorrow 2:00 p.m. Wednesday,
May 7, 2008, 2141 Rayburn House Office Building markup of H.R. 5889, the “Orphan
Works Act of 2008”

This means that if you oppose the House Bill as it stands, it is extremely important to
make your voice heard before that meeting begins.

At this time, it is understood that the House believes that photographers and other visual
artists including their trade associations are in agreement with the current bills. APA
opposes both the House and Senate bills as written.

Please take a moment to be heard via a prepared letter of your choice, or by including
your own reasoned thoughts in a professional courteous manner.

This link will allow you to be heard.
Scroll down about half way to see “For Photographers”.

It is important to be heard. It is your future.

Martin Trailer
National President

Constance Evans
National CEO

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