Why a Blog is Better than a Kid

© Susana Raab

You can leave a blog unattended for 6 weeks while you trollop around furrin’ parts and noone will lock you up when you repatriate.

The alternate title to this posting is Thank You to the Gentle 56 Readers Who Have Been Showing Up Daily Despite My Degeneracy in Posting

The next time I go away I’m going to put some blog postings in the can to slap some content in even whilst I am slogging away in mud bogs trying to keep equipment overhead while dodging Tsetse flies, three-toed sloths, cannibals and the like. This way it looks like I am lying comfortably in hammock, swilling vodka tonics, while witty musings float out of the melon – leaving the perception that I am firmly in charge (good for the assigning editor’s sense of well being too). The reality of the situation may be otherwise: trapped like a deer in headlights, a sweating, smelly, pock-marked deer, whose laptop has gone the way of the Roman Empire, furiously racing around the streets of third world countries looking for the tell-tale pagan icon of fruit that signifies the new Messiah: the certified Apple Repair Center. Yes, the reality of the situation may be otherwise, but I’m not telling.

I’ve got some exciting things on the very near horizon: the zine debut, the beginnings of a website revamp, and additions to the Consumed project, as well as other new work, but in the meantime I’m going to link myself out of this mess, by posting an interview with moiself by that doyenne of Photobloggers, Liz Kuball. Thanks Liz!

I’ve got about a Hyundai’s worth of expenses to forensically account for now. Expect the Zine next when I resurface. And thank you, for your continued support of this once and future blog.


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