A Mango a Day .. .

Greetings from lovely sunny Lima, where my mango arrives at my doorstep each morning, $.50/ea, this alone makes the plane fare worth it, as far as I’m concerned. With apologies for sporadic postings, but the great White MacIntosh devil has seen to it that not only has my Ipod broken en medias res, as it were, but more importantly, my brand new macbook’s logic board as seen fit to go to it’s great reward. Apple and I have been in a downward spiral for a few years now, and this pretty much clinches the deal. I have purchased my last IPod. I laugh at the fools with IPhones. I give them one week past warranty expiration before they’re looking for a new one.

I’m wrapping up my last assignments, here, and other business, and looking forward to my red-eye to Miami. Good news has reached me : Consumed was chosen for American Photography this year (not the book, I think, but still a first, and one I’m excited about), and the project was also a finalist for PhotoLucida’s Critical Mass, so not so bad, better a bridesmaid than naught, and very inspired to come home and get back to work on the domestic agenda. Be reunited with patriarch and canine. And resupply on my 220 which is absent in these parts.

Here’s to resuming our acquaintance at the end of next week. And to the inaugural debut of Rank Strangers, patiently awaiting distribution at HQ!


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