Going South


© Terry Falke, from the series, Observations in an Occupied Wilderness

The blog has been silent lately whilst I prepare for a month long planes-trains-and automobiles type journey through Peru & Bolivia. Add to this some last minute documents to be ratified for three municipalities (Pennsylvania, U.S.A., and Peru) to take care of some family business and I have been doing a fair imitation of Michael Keaton in Beetle Juice with the head-spinning thing. It’s been a hectic few weeks and I am grateful I live in D.C. where sojourns at the State Dept. and Peruvian Consulate are extremely doable – indeed the Peruvian Consulate is starting to feel a bit like the Cheers set when I walk in there, “Hi Susana!” they say and silently pass me a pisco sour with a slick slide down the mahogany art nouveau bar (don’t I wish).

I doubt with my frenzy of activity I’ll be posting much till April, but I’m sure you’ll find something to do with yourselves nonetheless. If you’re in DC, check out the Washington Project on the Arts auction at the Katzen Center in DC. Not sure if it’s open to the public, but you can view online and bid too. Saw great work there by friends Shen Wei (congrats on your PDN 30 Shen! Sorry to be missing you, the S.O. and Emma!!!!!) and Amy Stein, a beautiful piece by Erika Larsen, and a piece I really want, but fear that I will be outbid due to meager budget – an absolute stunning print by Terry Falke (see above)- that combines two of my favorite things humor & social commentary. While at the Katzen check out this fantastic exhibit by the late Roger Brown, it completely blew me away.

I am so excited to be getting on the road, wearing the same outfit and not showering for days, juggling gear and lenguas – I’m thanking you all for stopping by and wishing us all a happy and productive March!


4 thoughts on “Going South

  1. Terry – Just discovering your work – I would love to show ‘Observations in an Occupied Wilderness’ in Minneapolis -please check out our gallery web site -also on Face Book and lot of other places- We have 6500 sq feet of exhibition space in Down Town Minneapolis-
    Steve Sugarman
    Gallery13 -651-592-5503


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