Art-o-Mat are retired cigarette vending machines that have been converted in various locations throughout the country. You can find a location near you here.

At $5/pop – I highly doubt that any of the participating artists are getting rich through this scheme, but for sheer kitsch and recycling aesthetic, as well as access and afford-ability Art-o-Mat scores high.

Artists must submit 50 pieces, and perhaps no one will take “Art-o-Mat” on your C.V. too seriously, but if you’re interested in learning more, you can click here.


6 thoughts on “Art-o-Mat

  1. Hi there, thanks for writing about the Art-o-mat! You are absolutely right, no one is getting rich off of the Art-o-mat project (er not scheme). Fortunately, the 400+ artists who currently participate in the project understand happily that the mission of Artists in Cellophane is a completely different.

    Our mission is to encourage art consumption by expanding access to artists’ work. We believe that art should be progressive, yet personal and approachable. What better way to do this, than with a heavy cold steel machine?

    We welcome a submission of a single piece of art to begin the process! We are always in need of more artists. Here are the guidelines. Thanks again for writing about us.


  2. The artists that participate truly enjoy the project. The 10th Anniversary swap meet was a huge success with artists taking the journey from all over the country to meet each other. It was never designed as a resume builder or a money-maker. If it was designed to make Kostabi-like money, you’d need a Franklin for the bill feeder and you wouldn’t get any change back.


  3. gee, i was just trying to give some attention to what i thought was a fun way to display artwork and highlight it’s access and affordability. i think you all are parsing my words a little too closely. lighten up! (pun intended)


  4. ART-O-MAT is a lot of fun and it is very accessible. I have been selling my Barcode Tattoos, Flipbooks, and Patches with Artists in Cellophane for 3 years. I cannot say enough good things about this operation. 100% positively glowing experience.


    I’m by no means getting rich, but I sold 329 pieces in 2007. Artists get 50% of sales. This year I have to report the income on my taxes. Which reminds me, ART-O-MAT pays on time and keeps track of all the places your work is sold.

    Actually one of the highlights of my resume is, “ART-O-MAT merchandise in the machines at Whitney Museum and MOCA LA.”

    ART-O-MAT scores very high indeed.


  5. My art was just accepted into the Art-O-Mat project and I am very happy about it. I was excited to be added soon to a host of talented and creative artists from around the globe! Making art affordable and fun adds to the whole experience. I thank you for featuring the Art-O-Mat in your blog article, however I could critique your writing style since the tone was not necessarily what I would think of as complimetnary… in fact your article almost sounds like the Art-O-Mat is not to be taken seriously by the art world. In fact I think the art world should lend itself to glorify the Art-O-Mat since it represents the very idea of art culture, which is to give the viewer the ability to interact with experiencing art in its many forms… not to mention its unique ability to do something that hasn’t become commonplace in the art world like yet another stale socialite gallery opening- Art-O-Mat is fun and brings many people from all walks, all cultures and all flavors together to enjoy art and creativity. Everyday people can enjoy the Art-O-Mat and start their very own “art collection” in their homes- an affordable art collection of fine artists of different mediums and styles. And never have I ever heard of “rich” artists, costs of materials and time invested in creating pieces of art are rewarded with knowing the enjoyment its new owner / viewer or patron might experience and cannot possibly be compensated for with any amount of money… anything else is a sell out in my opinion! I don’t think any of the Art-O-Mat artists plan on getting rich through Art-O-Mat vending, I do see Art-O-Mat as the perfect way to get your art into the hands of audiences that would normally never hear of you or see your work. To an artist that is important because it is exposure to the public that will perhaps become customers for larger pieces and fans of your art, or even enlightened and educated on the style and medium they have just experienced. I am glad you wrote about the Art-O-Mat project but would like to ask you if someone had written a blog article in the same tone about you or your projects, articles etc. – how would you feel about it? Everyone is entitled to their opinion yet they should also be sure to know what the entire experience is that they are writing about. Writing is an art as well as a sculpture or print and should be respected for its power to persuade. I ask you another question… did you ‘Kerplunk!’ before you wrote this article? If you have I’d like to know more about what your experience was like! Don’t be shy to expound on the Art-O-Mat experience and tell the reader more… I think they can handle it!
    In the persuit of art & happiness always,
    Jess L.


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