Go Bobcats!

© Massimo Siragusa

© Massimo Siragusa

It’s old home week here at Look Underfoot. My talk at NOVA’s documentary photography series went really well, with a lot of passionate students dedicated to improving their craft from all walks of life. Inspired and inspiring. Then World Press Photo‘s results were announced, and i see that fellow Bobcats Carolyn Drake and Ariana Lindquist were recognized in the daily life and arts and entertainment category respectively. Way to go!

Another notable entry for me included Massimo Siragusa‘s series on amusement parks, highly stylized and absolutely blew me away with its beauty. As someone who has spent a fair amount of time in theme parks myself, though with an entirely different approach, I was delighted with the beautiful paeans he has made to having fun.

The indefatigable Cristina Garcia Rodero is at it again with spirtual healing ceremonies in Venezuela, a beautiful piece, though I question it’s inclusion in the “Arts and Entertainment” category over “Daily Life”. But you know those Europeans, they are sooooo secular!

The news categories had some great stories that were a nice blend of style and content. Israeli photographer Oded Balilty, shot Nanjing -employing to great effect the selective focus and good editing skills. Hungarian photographer Balazs Gardi, hit it out of the park in Afghanistan with a beautiful black and white essay that coupled panoramic images with the more familiar abbreviated rectangle. It’s good to see that film is hard at work in the contest, as is the element of unpredictability in the winning entries.

As always some categories failed to impress, but all in all, I find World Press to consistently break away from the same old, same old that defines U.S. photojournalism contests. I am inspired and uplifted that documentary photography continues to demonstrate that the marriage of fine art, and Massimo you art is fine, and storytelling is alive and well and living in the Netherlands.

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