A Week in the Life of Martin Parr

© Martin Parr

© Martin Parr

Everyone recycling the news on the found Capa negatives – (a sure sign i am reading too many blogs) I thought this item was interesting on a week in the life of Martin Parr, courtesy of PDN’s Pulse.

Parr really influenced how I felt about documentary photography, coming from a photojournalism background, it often seemed to me that (at least come awards time) the pj’s were too predictably fixated on the low-hanging fruit of the exotic, but from Parr I first understood that the mundane and everyday was topical, sometimes more subtle, and therefore to me much more interesting.


3 thoughts on “A Week in the Life of Martin Parr

  1. Hey Susana,
    Just wanted to say I’ve enjoyed readin’ your blog since I’ve came across it. I’m a grad student at OU and my classmates and I are about to leave for our magazine shoot….ready to leave the stress of planning and the what if scenarios and start shooting. I enjoyed your magazine topic and the other work on your website. Like Parr you’re an inspiration. Thanks.


  2. hi tim,

    thanks for your nice comments! good luck on your magazine shoot, i really enjoyed it (despite the fact that i was positive i failing at every turn – sadomasochism abounds in this vocation). would love to see your finished project. say hi to teri- did he show you his nude faculty series at orientation?


  3. hey,
    assuming it’s not a total flop i’ll have something online….doing multimedia(gulp)

    nude faculty series?!?! didn’t have the pleasure to take that one in…i’ll have to ask him about it


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