Back from vacation, where I was actually able to suborn the guilt of not taking photographs for the first week. It is always hard for me to go somewhere and not mediate it with a camera, I’m like a shop-a-holic, but my “purchases” are photographs. Since I usually shoot film, it’s always fun getting the processed stuff back. I am not entirely convinced that this is unhealthy either, this habitual analysis via a rectangle, but I do believe that taking time off from any “problem” does stimulate the soul. And as I have all the makings of a minor OCD with my photography, a forced rest is good.

That said, it is entirely overwhelming coming home and trying to figure out where to start with all the myriad projects I have awaiting: scanning, prints to make and send out for shows, zines to design, portfolios to print, clients to contact, submissions to make. At this point I most resemble the deer in headlights and procrastinate by reading all the blogs I haven’t read for the last two weeks.

Found this gem on A Photo a Day, about Alec Soth. Very reassuring to see he spent a few years in the hinterland, day-jobbing it by shooting ribbon cuttings and such, before the serendipitous attention of a collector pointed him in the direction of Sleeping by the Mississippi. Toby Jurovics, do you think you might stop by my atelier soon? Read the article here. Happy procrastinating!


2 thoughts on “Well-rested

  1. hey girl! welcome home…was it a yoga retreat?

    i’m procrastinating myself today with blogs blogs blogs…a friend is reading a diane arbus biography and she sent met a quote from arbus that i thought went well with your post today.

    what are your thoughts on this (fodder for another post, perhaps)…

    “people, tourists, say, who habitually respond to a sight by photographing it, appear to me very defensive about life. as though they wished to kill reality in order to guarantee it, as though only the two-dimensional past were to have a real (a historical) existence.”



  2. yes, yoga, hiking, vegies, all that good stuff. lots of airports, next time casa miguelita for yoga retreat!

    thanks for passing on the quote. my thoughts? i think that is perhaps a bit negative an interpretation, the killing reality bit. but yes, perhaps there is something of a defensive gesture in it, i certainly feel safe photographing (war photographers not included). people have different reasons for photographing and reality killing there may well be in some people’s intentions (is this not “conceptual” documentary photography? and certainly celeb portraiture is all about reality killing, but this, alas for my bank account, is not my game)
    there are certainly times when one needs to put the camera down and just be a part of the moment; there is something in the thought about preserving or mediating the moment . . and more for me there is something about being in that zone when one forgets oneself as ego and id, but is just fully in the flow, lost within it. but of course this never happens to me when i am just making touristy happy snaps which i seldom feel compelled to do perhaps for this reason.
    of course, i make lots of pictures when the brain is cojoined with the heart, and people say, i hear you in this photo, and that again is also something else and very worthwhile.
    i guess what i’m trying to say is that we all have different motives for photographing at different times and it can’t be generalized even to a specific photographer. you know, when i want to do some reality killing, it aint with a camera!


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