I was the big winner of the last copy of Allison V. Smith‘s zine, Superficial Snapshots. It’s a diminutive booklet filled with lots of fun photos. And now she’s selling a new incarnation on her blog now, so get ’em while they are hot.

As a graduate school at Ohio University, my last major project was creating a fictitious magazine and researching and shooting one project which would form the basis of the content. It was the most gratifying experience, and while I confess I am not as adept in matters of design and typography as I would like to be; the end result was pleasing to me. (I sent a copy to Martin Parr too, and he sent back a nice email stating he liked it, so that was uplifting – though the National Geographic photographers who were brought into the class to critique HATED my project luckily grade not based on personal opinions of NG photographers).

The content was the beginning of my series, Off-Season, which originally comprised a one week shoot in Orlando looking at the appropriation of history as it is purveyed in theme parks. (Larry Fink just awarded this work an honorable mention at the Camera Club of NY’s annual competition, so look for 1 (ONE!) photo to be exhibited in the spring in NYC). I went to the Medieval Times dinner theater, Al Capone’s dinner theater, The Holyland Experience, Disney World, the Titanic exhibit, and the now defunct, Splendid China, where I was kicked out (as it’s closed) but did manage to make a nice photo of father and son biking in front of Tibet rising beyond the large cement retaining wall. Kind of a metaphor for the Great Wall and all that.

Al Capone’s Dinner Theater, Kissimmee, Florida © Susana Raab

Al Capone’s Dinner Theater, Kissimmee, Florida © Susana Raab

I’ve amassed a few more bits and pieces to various projects swimming about my head, and I think it’s time to create a zine of my own. I think we all should. Nothing fancy, just a small devotional filled with visual ephemera. I’m just tossing around titles in my head, right now. But hope to have a launch later this Winter. I’ll be selling signed copies via the blog, but if you make one of your own, I’ll trade you.


4 thoughts on “‘Zines

  1. I’ve got my hand raised for a trade, Susana!
    A small book/’zine has been on my mind over the holidays, and I’ve been crunching both numbers and photographs. Aliso is an inspiration – I loved her first book and am waiting anxiously for the second…


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