NY Times Year End Feature

Speaker of the House

I am Speaker, Hear Me Roar © Stephen Crowley/The New York Times

The New York Times is a running a nice audio/manual control slideshow of their year end edit. I like it b/c you can motor through the photographs at your own leisure, and because it is full screen. I refuse to watch 2×3″ boxes of photo/video on the internet. I’m biased, but Stephen Crowley is for me, a very creative and surprising political photographer, probably because he loves the original idea of politics, before pollsters and the political-industrial complex.

He also does a nice job narrating through two sections- Washington, and the U.S. Presidential Election. In the Washington section, does anyone else see Pelosi in the Speaker’s chair as surrounded by members of Kid Nation and Big Love? (For the record, I haven’t actually watched those shows, just read some reviews in the WaPost.) Not that I think SDC was referencing that, as he did not even realize that the photograph (a few pictures later in the slideshow) he took of photojournalists in the well during a Senate hearing, was solely comprised by female photographers, though I’ve heard done tell that the Times is in licensing negotations in conjunction with the Women in Photojournalism annual conference.

I’ve heard at least one vote for the A.P. photographer John Moore picture, of the young woman grieving in Arlington Cemetery for the Pulitzer feature contender. I had no idea what picture the person was talking about when mentioning it, but I knew it the moment I saw it.

In the Presidential Election category, freelancer Eric Thayer creates a nice body of work.

The Foreign section is heavily dominated by China, and Chang Lee creates some surprises. I’m esp. jealous of his access to the drunken dance Elmo dolls in production.

Watch it here.


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