Local Girl Done Good


Well, it ain’t ArtNews, but I’ll take it. The Washington City Paper recently profiled me in conjunction with my Sense of Place exhibit at the Arts Club of Washington. Preservation writer extra-ordinaire Krista Walton had the difficult tax of coaxing a coherent comment out of me, and Washington street photographer legend Darrow Montgomery took my photo. You can read it online here. Good times!


5 thoughts on “Local Girl Done Good

  1. Darrow Montgomery is deservedly legendary. While I was in college, I studied his work weekly in any copies of City Paper I could get my hands on. It was clear he had a deep awareness of the history of photography and was able to instill that knowledge in each and every photograph. It always appeared that every photograph mattered to him, be it small, large, cover, or something that appeared in the table of contents.
    The number of shooters influenced by that guy are too numerous to mention. He is a god in the contemporary history of photography.

    Oh, yes, good for you for your show and press and all of that! Didn’t mean to distract the attention away from you but I just got overtaken by remembering the work of DM.



  2. julia – thanks for your faith in this budding artiste.

    T.A. – no worries, darrow deserves all the recognition he gets. he is modest and so un-self-promoting that it is to his detriment – like many other gifted photogs i know (but you, gentle reader, probably not). when i suggested that we work on a dc photographer zine his comment was, “You’re so ambitious.” No, but I know in-design!


  3. Oh, his photographs exhibit ambition. It’s his invisibility you may be referring to…though he has a great job that allows him to do what he wants it seems.

    But…wait…I thought we didn’t really care about grabbing the fame, chasing the dragon, blowing up, carpet bombing promo cards across Manhatten, all that type of stuff…as referenced here:


    That said, we all agree he personifies greatness, correct?


  4. 1. We agree that he personifies greatness
    2. HE said I was ambitious, not I.
    3. There is no obligation for fame, but there is obligation to eat, and to have subsidized travel, so therefore there are strategic bombings of promo cards all over manhattan. but, yes, basically i don’t give a shite if you like me or my work, as long as you hire me so i can eat and take more pictures.
    4. I may agree with Darrow’s statement in #2, but do not feel that expressing a desire to publish a zine best exemplifies this statement, given all my other acts of shameless self promotion (watch out naked cowboy dude)
    5. For me ambition does not equal fame. I mean we are still talking about photographers, right? Not too many get recognized on the street. And if you looked at the photo darrow took of me, ain’t no way anyone’s gonna track me down from that rendition.
    6. nice bust, T.A., I submit!


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