Highlights from the Collection

The Loneliest Job © George Tames

The Loneliest Job © George Tames

It’s always so exciting to be walking through a museum, in this case the National Portrait Gallery, and see a photograph that you own blown up beyond life size on the wall. This photograph, given to mon amore, by the photographer, George Tames, depicts President Kennedy leaning over his table in the Oval Office reading a newspaper. The photograph is sometimes titled “The Loneliest Job in the World,” but this is rather misleading because as we all well know, Kennedy wasn’t so lonely (dip in the White House swimming pool anyone?), but he did suffer from Crohn’s disease an injury from his days as a PT Captain, and preferred to read and work at his desk standing up so as to spare his back undue strain.

Anyway, the collection such as it is, is heavy on the documentary and black and white photography, but I’m hoping that some pending and future print trades will flesh it out more. Inspired by Kevin Miyazaki, I’ll be sharing these works with you on otherwise uninspired days for blogging.


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