Get your portrait taken for a worthy cause this weekend

Subject: Photo Marathon ‘07, Old Town Alexandria, September 30th

Dearest friends:

It’s that time of year again! We’re going to be staging yet another installment of Photo Marathon, our annual day of photographic giving, at the Old Town studio on Sunday, September 30. I’ll be taking portraits from 9:00 in the morning until 7:00 in the evening without a break. (Not as impressive as Houdini dangling from a high-rise, I know.) And as always, every cent we raise will go to a worthy cause. This year we’ve designated the college funds for the children of two soldiers killed in Iraq.

Here’s how it works and here’s how you can help:

This year we’re going to be helping four young children:

In addition to his regular duties, Capt. Brian Freeman spent the last months of his life trying to obtain a visa for a young Iraqi boy who desperately needed heart surgery in America. The day that visa came through, Capt. Freeman was kidnapped and executed. He leaves behind a wife, Charlotte, and two children, Gunnar, 3, and Ingrid, 14 months. Similarly, Capt. Christopher Petty was en route to a school renovation project in January, 2006 when his convoy was attacked. Capt. Petty leaves behind his wife, Deb, and two wonderful boys, Owen and Oliver, all whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and photographing. You can read more about Capt. Freeman and Capt. Petty on my blog, where I’ve also included external links about these two brave men. The address is

We’re going to salute Capt. Freeman and Capt. Petty’s commitment to children in faraway lands by helping their own children right here at home. One can only guess at what a college education might cost in 15 years. So let’s ensure that Owen and Oliver and Ingrid and Gunnar have no worries when those college days roll around. Here’s how you can help:

If you can make it to Old Town on Sunday, September 30, drop by the studio. It’s at 600 Madison Street in Alexandria, Virginia 22314, literally on top of the Royal restaurant. Look for the black side door. Starting at 9:00 I’ll be shooting portraits as fast as I can. Leave the ties and sport coats at home–these will be relaxed portraits. In the past I’ve shot people and their dogs, children, mothers and daughters, etc. Anything goes, though I do ask you all to keep the number of people in a single image to no more than four. (This is not a hard and fast rule. We’ll accommodate everyone.)

In order to take part in Photo Marathon you’ll need to make a donation of $250 (more is great!) to the college funds of the Freeman and Petty children. We’ll have people on hand to tell you which fund to make the check out to. (We’re going be very unscientific and just alternate.) There are no time slots needed–just show up and have a good time. We’ll provided coffee and snacks. I’ll shoot a cool portrait and you’ll receive a beautiful signed and dated 11 x 14 print. See? Easy as pie. (The fine print: This is charity event, not a substitute for a one-on-one portrait session with me. We’re going to go as fast as we need to. And you’ll get a cool, funky portrait, so I probably wouldn’t come thinking you’ll knock off your Christmas card photo!)

If you can’t make it to Old Town on the 30th you can still help. Please mail a check made payable to either the Brian Freeman Memorial Fund or the Oliver and Owen Petty College Fund and send it to:

Matt Mendelsohn
3823 N. Chesterbrook Road
Arlington, Virginia 22207

If you’re making a donation but not attending, any amount is acceptable and greatly appreciated.

I hope to see you in Old Town on the 30th! And one last request: We don’t spent a cent on advertising on Photo Marathon. It’s all word of mouth. So please forward this message to anyone you know has a big heart.

Thanks so much,


Matt Mendelsohn Photography

703-795-8659 (cell)
703-241-2020 (office)

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