Turn your crib into a camera

I’m a big fan of less is more. I was photographing a client the other day and he had a Louis Vitton bag and was obviously very pleased with it, now my philosophy with logos (Susana Raab photography stickers aside) is that if you want me to walk around like a jackass advertising your product, than you should be paying me. When I showed the bag no respect, he insisted, “But this is great quality!” Well I’ve got a genuine cowhide bag I got in an alley in San Miguel de Allende that is pure quality, one of a kind, and it neither sports that ridiculous logo, nor the ginormous price tag. My point is that you can do more with less, and it is the job of advertisers and marketers to make us feel inferior if we are not sporting the latest insignia on our purse, a twin-set to the giant invisible L on our foreheads. So where am I going here? Well, let’s just say you don’t agree with me, and you’ve spent all your coin on your latest designer purchase which will lift you from the depths of your existential malaise for about an hour. Then you realize you want to photograph but no money now for that 5d?: well the camera obscura is your answer – the glass ain’t fast, but the price is right – for the price of a blackout curtain (which could be free depending on your preference in roadside motels). Here’s a link I discovered in a how to.

And here’s an example of a master of the medium. You can see more of his work here.


I love this guys work, he’s done this all around the world, and this is one photographer I won’t tire hearing about ad nauseum. Do ya’ hear that Corcoran????


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