Pick Flick!

Haitian Migrant Child after Church, Immokalee, Florida, 2007

Haitian Migrant Child after Church, Immokalee, Florida, 2007

Despite what my mother may have feared, I’ve learned a thing or two from watching too many movies. Remember Tracy Flick played by Reese Witherspoon in the marvelous film, Election???? I’m going to channel a bit of her whilst I beseech you, gentle reader, to take a moment to vote for this photograph at the British Association of Photographers public vote of their annual juried show (not a 4-letter word because they are jurying with British accents). Luckily for those time-challenged this photograph appears on the first page and is number 11, just to be clear. Of course, if you really prefer something else go for it. And in a move that I hope will not get me investigated by the FEC, I intend to offer a choice of either a Consumed postcard and/or Susana Raab photographs sticker, featuring me and my faithful dog, Ted, to anyone who responds to me personally as a token of my appreciation. Anyone? Anyone? Click here to help a girl out.


5 thoughts on “Pick Flick!

  1. Thank you Kevin! I regret to say that I cannot accept the nomination, however. Though with you as my running mate I think we might give the ole Clinton/Barak ticket a run for it’s money. Raab-Miyazaki in ’08! I’ll start working on the bumper sticker.


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