My Cup Runneth Over

Well, Amy must’ve been right: that bird crapping on me in Madrid was good luck. Just received news that my series from the Holyland Experience will be exhibited at the Noorderlicht Photofestival 2007 in Groningen, The Netherlands. This year’s festival theme is “Acts of Faith.” I take much comfort in the fact that my photos are seeing more of the world than I am.

Simeon’s Corner, The Holyland Experience, Orlando, Florida, 2005

Simeon’s Corner, The Holyland Experience, Orlando, Florida, 2005


3 thoughts on “My Cup Runneth Over

  1. Hi S-

    This is a great blog…nice combo of interesting stuff and then some self promotion, of course…we all gotta have it. Oh, and thank you for putting me on your list of “photographers i dig” but why am i last on the list? Does that mean you dig me least? Or reverse alphabetical and then some? Or…?
    Ok…ok…i can take it. Great new work you got though, keep it coming….




  2. Hey tim –

    I know that it is hard for you “Last-name-begins-with-A” types to deal with being the last person called for the kickball team. As a “Last-name-begins-with-R” type, I have often felt the sting of the alphabetical order edict. Apparently, so does wordpress because they seem to list things in alphabetical order of the first initial (something that helped me not at all, but was attempted by several well-meaning but misinformed teachers who thought that this might really shake it up and equalize things once and for all).

    So rest assured, TA, that you may be last on my list, but first in my heart, so to speak. Perhaps I will ammend the list to reflect “listed in no particular order.”

    Thanks for checking out my pathetic scribbles and shameless self-promotion ; )



  3. Hey Susana, congrats on the selection of your series to Noorderlicht!! Get a companion ticket. I hear the coffee shops in The Netherlands are quite otherworldly. 🙂


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