Tercero dia en Madrid

Wow! Not only is it fabulous to be meeting some terrific new photographers, but I’ve been seeing some incredible installations. Last night, I went to an exhibit of Sebastiao Salgado‘s work from Africa. It was fantastic. The installation followed a maze-like route which I thought was a very clever way so that i had no worries that i was going out of sequence (i wasn’t feeling particularly subversive). And then sometimes the wall was a low bench where one could sit and ponder, other times a solid mass followed by a window cut-out to glimpse some particularly large and provocative piece. I don’t know who that curator was, but big kudos to her/him, everything worked together beautifully. Very epic.

Hanging out with old and new friends Amy Stein and Nathan Baker, Simon Frohlich (whose name means happy, but he says to wait till the end of the reviews to find if the name is true to his disposition – it will be!) Many other new ones I will update in later posts. A great new Finnish friend, Harri Palviranta, whose sweet name belies his color Weegee-esque photos of angry Finns bloodying each other. Warning: do not view before lunch. Which was nothing compared to Amy’s spotting of a fallen bird fetus on the chair next to us when we went to share tapas on a restaurant patio. Amy has radar for this type of thing vis a vis her Domesticated series.

When we informed the waiter of the poor deceased bird, to our collective horror, he simply swept the thing off the chair onto the ground with his pencil. When I asked if he could not find in his heart some sort of benediction for the poor creature he made a quick motion of the cross, this being a Catholic country yet.

The creature got his revenge when some relative of his literally crapped on my head. No Photos Please!

On a cheerier note, love that Madrid style. I hope when I’m hunched with age, I shall be better coifed and accessorized than I currently find myself like this lovely Senora.

Styling and Profiling

Styling and Profiling

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