Inspiration Boards

Oprah Winfrey keeps vision journals, but she didn’t start this trend ladies and gents. I’m only giving her credit for coining the term va-jj. Let that be her cross to bear, but I digress.

Elvis fan and talented midwest photog Kevin Miyazaki posted recently about a series of artist bulletin boards, a la Peter Beard’s journals. I myself keep a rotating bulletin board of inspiration. A small detail appears below.


On it I keep notes from admired jurists, whom while perhaps misguidedly excluding me from some honor, are kind enough to send the coveted post-it- note of encouragement, “Nice work! Keep going!”

On the yellow ribbon you will see a souvenir from my once every decade excursion to a Chinese restaurant, where I received a fortune cookie whose fortune read “You will be awarded some great honor.” Perhaps I should step up my frequency to such restaurants because THAT SAME YEAR I received a yellow ribbon of merit from the Iowa State Fair for participating in the rubber chicken throwing contest. Coincidence?

Above the yellow ribbon is a cyanotype I made in school of my grandmother and uncle on the Jersey Shore in the 1950’s. The black and white photograph next to that is a Steichen portrait of Alice B. Toklas, lover to Gertrude Stein. To the left of this is a recent portrait I picked up in Cuzco of the Virgin of Lima. I wanted a replica of the Last Supper painted by artists of the Cuzco school which features Jesus eating a guinea pig, which was the way that the artists represented their culture in art commissioned/mandated by a largely absent Spanish Catholic hierarchy, but unfortunately, that work is not made in Cuzco today.

I often gaze at this collage of ephemera whilst performing some mundane chore on the computer and I tell you, it’s better than a shot of B-12.

Be inspired!

5 thoughts on “Inspiration Boards

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