Shelter from the Rain

“One thing is certain. I stand in opposition to almost everything I have heard and seen by these men who would take me in and integrate, or obliterate me. I refuse to be seduced by their social blarney, their measured cities, their repetitious devices, or their invitation to compromise. Christ, I have spent much of my life fighting the assembly line! Why should I accept their comfortable prisons of convenience because they package them in ideology for sentimentalism and shower-bath plastics? All I ask is that they shelter me from the rain. I will take care of my soul.”

Clyfford Still, American painter, 1951

I love this quote. It so sustained me in grad school – where I felt increasingly at odds with my chosen milieu. Unfortunately, in the intervening years I have familiarized myself more and more with Mr. Still’s works, and I gotta say – I prefer his writing. Tough luck for me. Art is subjective. Take care of your souls.

Too Long at the Fair, McArthur, Ohio, 2004Too Long at the Fair, McArthur, Ohio, 2004


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